Vinnie Spit

Vinnie Spit is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer. He formed his band SPIT in 1985 and began recording and performing in Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas.
He was also a member of Batz Without Flesh and Zoccola.

So does anyone actually
like this guy?

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Punk rock legend? 

Vinnie Spit released his first album "Thrust and Disgust" in 1986. He signed to NTS Records in 1988 where he recorded four more records. He later signed production/licensing deals with several more labels including Cargo Music, Hot Entertainment, Vinyl Communications, Callner Music and a few European labels including Snowdonia in Italy.

His first vinyl release, "Road Pizza", hit 32 in England on John Peel's Top 50 for 1988. His LP, "You Would if You Loved Me", was nominated for best LP for 1989 by WMMR radio in Philadelphia and Big Shout Magazine. He was proclaimed a local hero by The University of Delaware newspaper and has charted on almost every college station in the country.

Three decades,
one lunatic.

Mr. SPIT has released 24 albums and EPs over three decades. However, instead of storing his albums with the rest of your CD's, you'll probably hide them under your mattress.

Vinnie Spit owns the United States Federal Trademark for the name SPIT in use as a performer, musical act and music production in all mediums. If you are wondering if this is the original SPIT who did "Blue Velvet - Don't You Fucking Look at Me!", etc...yes it is.