Spit Band

Perverting The Gift Of Music Since 1985

Vinnie SPIT is a multi-instrumentalist and composer.
He began recording and performing as SPIT in 1985 in Wilmington, DE
He was also a member of Batz Without Flesh and Zoccola.

E-mail: VinnieSPIT@aol.com

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Everyone is always asking me who I like and who my influences are. Here you go.
Local Bands That I Highly Recommend:
1) The Centimeters - one of the most original and compelling acts I've ever seen.
2) Powder
3) The Assholes - kick-ass rock band with excellent musicianship.
Influential Composers:
1) Jim Foetus
2) Frank Zappa
3) Frederick Chopin
4) Wolfgang Mozart
5) Louie Prima
Influential Drummers:
1) Ted Parsons - Swans, Prong, Foetus, Godflesh
2) Bill Bruford - King Crimson
3) Daniel Glass - Royal Crown Revue
4) Terry Bozzio - Frank Zappa
5) Gary Ponder
Influential Guitar Players:
1) Robert Fripp
2) Ted Nugent (an a-hole, yes, but still a great player)
3) Tony Iommi

Influential Saxophone Players:
1) Doug Yokoyama
2) James Carter
3) John Lurie - Lounge Lizards
4) Mando Dorame - Royal Crown Revue
5) Sam Butera
6) Francis Wong
7) John Coltrane
8) Joe Houston
Influential Trumpet Players:
1) Scott Steen - Royal Crown Revue
2) Miles Davis
Influential Bass Players:
1) Tony Levin
2) Les Claypool - Primus
3) Lemmy
4) Charles Mingus
Influential Keyboardists:
1) Herbie Hancock
2) Claude Willey - Batz Without Flesh
Influential Vocalists:
1) Wendy O. Williams - Plasmatics
2) Sam Butera
3) Jim Foetus
4) Michael Gira - The Swans