Spit Band

Perverting The Gift Of Music Since 1985

Vinnie SPIT is a multi-instrumentalist and composer.
He began recording and performing as SPIT in 1985 in Wilmington, DE
He was also a member of Batz Without Flesh and Zoccola.

E-mail: VinnieSPIT@aol.com

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All-time Favorite Albums:
1) Scaping Foetus Off The Wheel - "Nail"
2) Royal Crown Revue - "The Contender"
3) The Lounge Lizards - "The Lounge Lizards"
4) Miles Davis - "Electric"
5) King Crimson - "Lark's Tongues In Aspic"
6) The Swans - "Greed"
7) Prong - "Cleansing"
8) Frank Zappa - "One Size Fits All"
9) Batz Without Flesh - "A Million Bricks"
10) James Carter - "Layin' In The Cut"
Favorite Movies:
1) Groundhog Day
2) Defending Your Life
3) The Forbidden Zone
4) Fingered
5) Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
6) Fight Club

Favorite Books:
1) Charles Bukowski - "Ham on Rye"
2) John Waters - "Crackpot"
3) Hayduke - "Getting Even"
4) George Carlin - "Brain Droppings"
5) Any Owners Manual
Favorite Television Show: "Strangers With Candy"
Favorite Artists: Dan Collins, George Trosley, Robert Motherwell, Robert Williams
Favorite Female Comedians: Cheri Oteri, Amy Sedaris, Allison Sciulla
Favorite Male Comedians: George Carlin, Joe Bartnick

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