Vinnie SPIT with Famous and Interesting People
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Favorite Drummers
Ted Parsons
(Swans, Prong Foetus)
Daniel Glass
(Royal Crown Revue)
Ivan DePlume
(White Zombie)
Jeff Simons
(George Thorogood)
Gonzo & John Bush
(Armored Saint)

Musicians and Bands
Dee Dee Ramone
(The Ramones)
Brother Marquis
(2 Live Crew)
Oderus Urungus
Greg and Nora
(The Centimeters)
Ice T

Jello Biafra 1989
(Dead Kennedys)
Jello Biafra 1999
(Dead Kennedys)
Genesis P. Orridge
(Psychick TV, Throbbing Gristle)
Luke Skywalker
(2 Live Crew)
MC Search
(3rd Bass)

Roger Miller
(Mission of Burma)
Nikki Sudden
My Life With The
Thrill Kill Kult
Scott Steen
(Royal Crown Revue)
Mando Dorame
(Royal Crown Revue)

John Bush
Wynton Marsalis

Adult Film Stars
Nina Hartley
Lilli Xene
Rebecca Wild
Tami Monroe

Ron Jeremy
Tom Byron
Sharon Mitchell
and Tanya Fox
Mark Wood and Francesca Le'
Ginger Lynn

Jamie Lee
Lena Ramon

Interesting People
Xaviera Hollander
(author of the book
"The Happy Hooker")
Rick Rubin
(Def American Recording)
Ronda Shear
(USA Up All Night)
Emiliano Limon
(KFI Radio)
Colin Malone
(Colin's Sleazy Friends)

Dan Collins
Hustler Magazine)
George Trosley
Hustler Magazine)
Heidi Fliess

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